How does it work?

sigXchange is a B2B website that allows retail pharmacies, WDL holders and pharmaceutical manufacturers to sell their stock to other UK pharmacies.

Users have an online account that allows them to list stock they have for sale and make offers on stock they require.

Stock is listed using an online form. The stock can be viewed by other users as soon as it is added.

Buyers then make offers on stock that they require. If the sale is agreed we will collect the stock* and deliver it to the buyer.

Delivery notes and invoices are automatically created enabling the buyer to pay the seller directly.

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*We collect if the seller is on our van route. Otherwise the seller arranges transer of the stock to our warehouse for us to deliver.

What does it cost?

sigXchange is free to list and buy stock. When you sell we charge a small sales fee on the items sold that month.

The percentage we charge varies depending on how much you sell. If you don't sell anything one month you wont be charged. When you do sell, we'll calculate the sales fee due that month and invoice you.

The more you sell the lower the percentage sales fee you will pay.

Standard sales fees

Monthly Sales Sales Fee*
Under £2508%
£250 - £4997%
£500 - £7495%
£750 - £9994%
Over £1,0003.5%

*Sales fees are subject to VAT. Special rates are available for WDL holders and Manufacturers.

How do I start?

If you have an account with Sigma Pharmaceuticals or hold a UK WDL or Manufacturers licence you can register for a sigXchange account.

All account applications are manually validated and are normally activated the same working day that we receive your application.

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What is sigXchange?

How does it work?

What does it cost?

How do I start?

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